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Student Motivation

Research shows Student Choice, Relationships, Teacher Expectations, and Hope work together to build intrinsic motivation. Standards and standardized testing motivate in a different way. What do you suppose would happen to your academic scores if you worked on motivation from multiple directions? What does your school evaluate in regard to motivation?

College Graduates

Academic scores alone cannot predict college success. Include hope assessment and you can! You question if Tim and his 29 ACT will get through college, but you are confident that Alyssa and her 19 ACT will succeed. What components build together toward college success?

Dropout Prevention

USA National average - 68.8% graduation rate.
That's a 31.2% dropout rate!
Nevada has a 58.2% dropout rate!
You are working hard to change this; The Hope Survey gives you ongoing information to help you evaluate your strategies.

School Climate

We all know climate plays a huge part in the daily life at a school building. You know deep inside that it plays a part in the overall success of a school. You also know that climate plays a part in academic success. What if you could get a read on that climate and make data based decisions regarding that climate?


You know your bullying intervention is working! You have anecdotal evidence to support that investment. You have feelings to support that investment. The Hope Survey will give you proven data to add one more piece of evidence for your stakeholders.

Partners in Education

The Hope Survey Solution

Data shows that as hope increases so does the ability of students to improve academically in the areas of math and reading. With The Hope Survey, schools can build a strong data driven decision making model which ties together relationships, relevance, and rigor through continuous school improvement.

The Hope Survey assess students’ non-academic outcomes such as self-efficacy, optimism, and problem solving ability which impact traditional academic achievement and influence success and quality of life outside of school. Are you ready to see changes?

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