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What is The Hope Survey?


Research shows students engagement and motivation decreases as they progress through secondary school. This disengagement and lack of motivation is a key concern for educators. In searching for an explanation for this decline, educational researchers have examined the nature of the school environment and determined that school environments can exert influences on student motivations and engagement through their support or lack of support for students’ developmental needs. These needs include autonomy, belongingness and competence (measured by goal orientation).


The Hope Survey is a unique tool, which enables schools to assess their school environment through the eyes of their students by measuring student perceptions of autonomy, belongingness and goal orientations as well as their resulting engagement in learning and disposition toward achievement. The Hope Survey can diagnose whether a school culture has the components that encourage higher levels of engagement in learning.

The Hope Survey

The Hope Survey consists of a series of online surveys, which ask students questions regarding non-academic outcomes (autonomy, belongingness, goal orientation academic press, engagement and hope). Hope is measured with a hope index.


The Hope Surveys were designed to measure students’ perception of the school environment by pulling together reliable, valid measurement instruments from different sources. All scales used in the Hope Survey were developed by researchers at major universities and have been used repeatedly in educational research in a variety of different student demographics. All measures have a published background of reliability and validity research behind them.

Using the Results

The core of the Hope Surveys measure “hope.” “Hope” reflects an individual’s self perception regarding their ability to clearly conceptualize their goals, develop the specific strategies to reach those goals and initiate and sustain activity based upon those strategies.

Hope data matched with their academic achievement scores can provide a detailed picture of the school environment and its effects on student performance.

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