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Charter Schools

  •    The education of the young cannot succeed on a large scale if we cannot design a form of schooling that speaks to respect and hope.

    It is in the act of joining with the learner that respect grows and hope begins.

    It is in studying the relationships that develop that the authors of this book have invested their energies. When we get that right, what happens is indeed transformative – again for both teacher and learner. What follows is not an ordinary friendship but a particular type that is suited to the tasks of school. It helps both teacher and learner transcend their differences in the process of colearning, coinvestigating, and reimagining. But it is, as these words suggest, a particular form of investigation that builds a particular form of relationship, one that nurtures both knowledge and democracy simultaneously.

From the forward to Assessing What Really Matters in Schools by Debbie Meier.

The energy that flows from these words also flows in your school, from your school to your parents and into your community. Charter schools impact the lives of students both academically and psychologically. Using the Hope Survey gives your school a tool to monitor your climate, to put a number to that energy you know exists.

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