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How well does your school serve each student? Are the strengths/weakness, aspirations and goals of each student known by at least one of your faculty members? Are your students engaged, motivated, interested in their learning? Do your students feel like they are an important part of the school? The Hope Survey can help you to answer these questions in addition to providing you with the tools necessary to raise engagement, hope and achievement.

The Hope Survey evaluates the ability of schools to encourage positive non-academic outcomes, which impact traditional academic achievement by measuring autonomy, belongingness, mastery goal orientation and academic press which lead to engagement and hope. Hope is measured with the Hope Index, an assessment of generalized expectancy for achieving goals, which contains two components; motivation for pursing goals and ability to identify workable routs to goal attainment.

Higher hope is correlated with overall grade point averages for high school students; semester and overall grade point averages for college students. In a study of college students, higher hope scores predicted higher cumulative grade point averages; higher likelihood of graduation; and lower likelihood of dropping out.

Whether you are a counselor, a classroom teacher, a principal or social worker, the Hope Survey is a powerful tool that can help your school to increase student engagement, raise hope and raise achievement.

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