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As you look for ways to increase academic achievement in your school remember Hope. Increasing engagement and increasing hope will lead to an increase in academic achievement.

The Hope Survey is designed to assist schools in pinpointing their strengths as well as areas for improvement. Results from the Hope Survey can help schools create proactive action plans with an eye towards enhancing and enriching the student experience.

The Hope Survey is a series of surveys designed by Mark Van Ryzin as a doctoral candidate at the University of Minnesota in Educational Psychology. He asks the basic question: "What pedagogical model provides a good learning environment for the healthy psychological development of adolescents?" You are working to create that pedagogical model. The Hope Survey helps refine your model through self-perception surveys on Autonomy, Belongingness, Goal Orientation, Engagement and Hope. Results provide an indication of how a learning environment affects adolescents and have been shown to correlate positively with success in college, physical health, and self-actualization.

The five Hope Survey components – Autonomy, Belongingness, Goal Orientation, Engagement and Hope – can have a powerful impact on the three R's – Rigor, Relevance and Relationships. Results from the Hope Survey can provide valuable insights into what the learning community does to provide students with a challenging, interesting and supportive place that enriches learning and engages students in wanting to learn.

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