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The Hope Survey is an effective tool for an entire district or entire state to use across school sites and age/grade levels to determine the ways in which students experience autonomy, belongingness, goal orientation and engagement along the continuum of their educational journey. The data garnered and analyzed provides tangible and useful feedback about school culture and the student experience, along with recommendations for a variety of interventions to ensure that students' needs, in order to achieve individual/personal and academic success, are being attended to at each stage of their schooling.

Regardless of location, demographics, or size, all schools can benefit by taking into account adolescent psychological needs. By incorporating proven procedures from successful schools, or by developing home-grown practices aimed at supporting adolescent psychological needs, any secondary school can reverse the downward trends in engagement and achievement and show some growth in hope among their students. In such an effort, the Hope Survey can be used to assess how reforms at the school level are viewed by the students themselves, since student reaction will ultimately determine whether the reforms are successful.

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