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What is It?

“Engagement” refers to the student’s behavior and attitudes in school. Being behaviorally engaged, for example, means that a student works hard, concentrates, and pays attention. When a student is not behaviorally engaged, they are bored, distracted, and doing just enough to get by. Being emotionally engaged means that a student enjoys being in school and learning new things, whereas an emotionally disengaged student feels worried or discouraged and believes that school is not a fun place to be.

Why is it Important in School?

The quality of a student’s engagement in school is a reflection of the amount of effort and persistence they put into their learning. If a student is not engaged, then they will likely not be able to complete their work on time and will not achieve to their potential. An engaged learner, however, will attack their schoolwork with passion and will regularly achieve solid or outstanding results. The quality of the learning is also superior in that an engaged learner will obtain a deeper understanding of the material and retain the knowledge for a longer period of time.

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