Who is this Survey For?
There are two surveys available:
One For Students

The Hope Survey for Students, which is geared for Middle School and High School students, consists of a “New Student” version for incoming students, and an “Ongoing Student” survey for students who have been in the school or district for 1+ years. Elementary Schools may use the surveys for 4-6 Grade students with valid results. The survey is not recommended for 3rd grade or younger students. These surveys measure Autonomy, Belongingness, Goal Orientation, Academic Press, Engagement and Hope. The surveys take 20-30 minutes.
One For Staff

The Hope Survey for Staff is geared for the adults that have impact on students. The survey indicates the level of hope in the adults who work with students in some capacity. We believe that a higher level of hope among teachers has a positive effect on the hope of the students in their care. It can be given to teachers only, or to any staff member, determined by the administration of the schools. The surveys measure Teacher Self-Efficacy, Collective Self-Efficacy, Job Satisfaction, Teacher Autonomy, Outside Influences, and Engagement. The survey takes 10-15 minutes.

Where can these surveys be utilized?